Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Whether you’re looking for a total smile makeover or just a whiter, brighter smile, the cosmetic dentist services including teeth whitening, porcelain veeners and lumineers offered by Dr. Schutte in Covina can help you look and feel your best. Our Covina dental implants team is devoted to making sure you leave with a smile you can be proud of. Get in touch with our Coving dentist team today to make a teeth whitening, porcelain veeners and lumineers treatment appointment and find out more about what we can do to make sure your smile always looks its best.

LUMINEERS® Porcelain Veneers

The safe, pain-free alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers can transform your smile in only two visits, with none of the drilling or discomfort associated with traditional teeth veneers. Durable, contact-lens thin LUMINEERS® are custom-fabricated from patented Cerinate® porcelain and bonded to the surface of your natural teeth to give you the whiter, perfectly aligned smile you’ve been looking for– and because your natural teeth are not shaved down, the teeth whitening process is completely reversible.

Boasting a 20-year track record of successful placements in Covina and other parts of the Los Angeles area, LUMINEERS® can close gaps in your teeth, give the appearance of straighter teeth without braces, cover teeth discolorations and stains, and restore a natural appearance to teeth with old-fashioned metal fillings– all without pain, shots, or removal of healthy tooth structure. LUMINEERS® can even be applied directly over existing crowns or bridges without their having to be removed or replaced! With LUMINEERS®, you’ll look great and feel great, and you’ll never have to worry about your smile again.

Sapphire™ Light One-Hour Whitening

You can have a brighter, whiter smile in just one hour with Sapphire™ Light One-Hour Whitening. Created by Rembrandt®, the premier name in lightening, this professional chairside system can do teeth whitening up to 12 shades in just one short visit using advanced plasma arc light technology and Rembrandt® Virtuoso™ Lightening Gel. Safe, comfortable, and effective, the Sapphire™ light has been proven to whiten up teeth to 86 percent more than whitening gel alone, with no need to wear an uncomfortable mouth tray night after night. Call us now at (626) 331-0688 for a no-cost evaluation to see if Sapphire™ Light Whitening is right for you.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious and less confident in your appearance, as well as cause problems with speech and chewing. Over time, missing teeth can also lead to serious misalignment of the remaining teeth as they shift out of their natural position toward the gap left by the missing tooth. Depending on your needs, Dr. Schutte can fill the gaps in your smile using a variety of advanced dental solutions, including bonded bridgework, dental implants, and both full and partial dentures. Because everyone is unique, not every method is appropriate for everyone; drawing on his years of experience, Dr. Schutte will work with you to determine which solution is right for you and your lifestyle. Visit our restorative dentistry page to learn more about bridges, implants, and dentures.

General Dentistry

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Please contact one of our friendly staff members at Covina to learn more about the General Dentistry procedures, porcelain veneers and lumineers that Bruce Schutte Dental offers!